Hello Sweets!

Hope you enjoyed an extra day off from work and some good BBQ. For me it was a perfect day to continue my Fall 2013 trend countdown…

Today’s trend has been out there for a while and can only be worn by the brave! One piece fits are sexy, easy to wear, and fashion forward; maybe that’s why we have seen them on the scene for about two or three seasons. Ladies I’m not going to lie your body does need to be in a certain type of shape for some of these silhouettes, especially the tighter ones. Another option is a one piece that may squeeze you at the top but gives a wider leg shape for the pant. There are also those that have a more blouse like top with a tapered pant or even a wider pant. Even if you find the silhouette for you, rocking a one piece takes a certain level of confidence. So go in the dressing room with your head held high!!!

Stella McCartney
Max Mara
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