4 notable Tupac trends

Happy Birthday to every woman’s thug MCM, Tupac Shakur! Tupac ripped the rap scene apart in the 90s with his abrasive but intellectual style of flow. He set a standard for west coast rappers while maintaining his lifestyle during a very dangerous time in hip hop. I’m not big on bad boys, but Tupac made me consider being a ride or die a few times! Not only was Tupac super talented and easy on the eyes, he also set multiple fashion trends that will live on forever! 

  1. THE BANDANA- This trend has even crossed over to the ladies list of must-have accessories. 
  2. CIRCULAR FRAMES- Well look at that! Mr Shakur rocked frames that we swear by today. 
  3. ARMY GEAR- Fatigue pops in and out but will never completely die. The whole utility army style is here to stay! 
  4. DENIM- Enough said! 


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