About-Angela-AlysseEver since the age of 10, Angela Alysse has been enamored with fashion. Back then, her pastime consisted of dressing her Barbie Dolls in homemade gowns. She would then make a makeshift runway for her Barbies to strut her flawless creations. Wanting to capitalize on her obsession, Angela Alysse earned her degree in fashion merchandising. From there, she moved on to a career in retail.

The fashion blog Positively-Chic, was an idea that came to her in 2012 on a search for something that would feed her passion while making a difference. With so many stereotypes being thrown at us on a daily basis, it is important to take the time and realize how great we all truly can be. Positively-Chic is not only a great place to get style guidance, but it also provides inspiration in a world where it is greatly needed.

What can you expect from Positively-Chic?

  • What to wear, How to wear it, and Where to get it!
  • Upfront, honest, and exciting information just for you!
  • Content that caters to a male and female audience!
  • A stylish way to Encourage, Empower, and Transform your LIFE!