Hi Sweets! 

Ladies, if you haven’t noticed THE BODYSUIT is here to stay! Beyoncé gave her stamp of approval when she made the bodysuit a staple costume in her shows. I’m pumped because I find them so easy to wear. I’ve heard the argument that wearing a bodysuit brings back memories of being a young girl in the 90s, forced to wear a top that could become a hazard. Especially when it was time to use the restroom. I hear ya! But wearing a bodysuit can be an enjoyable experience if chosen correctly and worn the right way. The whole restroom thing, I can’t help. But, I can help with making the bodysuit an option for you this summer! 

Chrissy Tegen in House of CB knit bodysuit
  1. Replace your tshirt- Instead of throwing on your “#slay” tshirt with  your jeans. Give a tee or tank bodysuit a chance. 
  2. Tailor made- I absolutely hate when my blouse comes untucked while hanging out with my girls. A blouse bodysuit will fix that problem! 
  3. Bare it- You’ve been working on a mega body for half of the year. Show it off by rocking a body suit……yep that’s it!
  4. Not the norm- Since a bodysuit holds you close, there’s room to play with strap placement and cutouts. HAVE FUN! 

Get bodied by my favorite online boutique Nasty Gal Bodysuits

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