My lengthy blog mind blocks are unacceptable, I know! This entry is worth the wait because I have a new Muse that has been around for a while; most recently she is all the buzz in the music, fashion, and celebrity couple world.

Ciara AKA Ce-Ce was initially given the title of R&B princess of the South. She charmed us with her girly soft voice and made us step back and say DANG to her spectacular dance moves. The ladies drooled over her fit bod and the fellas did too! Ciara’s music has evolved from fun dance tracks to sensual ballads. Her style has also evolved from feminine b-boy to street chic vixen.

Her whole look has made everyone want to know more about the new Ciara. I’m amazed by her play with shapes and textures she’s not afraid to wear a oversized silhouette on her small athletic frame; and doesn’t hesitate to show a little skin. Her choice of a neutral color palette by no means gets old or shades her style.

It is a fact that Ciara practices yoga and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, boy can you tell! Her radiant beauty shines from the inside OUT.

Why Ciara:
* Beauty the healthy way
* Makes black and white look colorful
* A sweet mystery

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