East African Girl!

Lupita Nyong’o looks like an African goddess in the October issue of Vogue. The talented beauty took the magazine back to her homeland Kenya to talk new movie, family, and creating opportunity. After reading the online write up two things came to mind. One, Lupita is so comfortable in who she is. Although she’s the opposite of what society classifies as beautiful, she proves that beauty is not a cookie cutter look, it is something that comes from deep within. Two, being deeply routed in your culture and giving back is so freeing. Check out these amazing photos and visit Vogue.com for more! Better yet pick up the mag on stands now! 

XO AngelAlysse

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  • It really does change your lif2e#8&30;I remember the first time we all realized we could no longer schedule our family reunions whenever we felt like it…we now had to coordinate with all the different district school schedules!

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