Happy Labor Day weekend!!  

Safe travels to those of you that chose to skip town for the weekend. I’m using this time to relax and BLOG, so let’s go 🙂 Technically this trend can apply to him too. Plaid is “thee” pattern for FALL. 

Kate Spade Fall 2015
My favorite part of Fall is the layering opportunities! Since the weather is cooler it’s more than acceptable to throw a plaid over a graphic tee or denim shirt. Take it a step further and try a plaid separate (top or bottom). When it comes to color the red and black combo seems to be the most popular. There are two details that should be considered when trying to pick the right plaid, COLOR and SCALE. The color should compliment you and the scale should complete the look you are going for. Check out the sassy looks below from KATE SPADE’S Fall collection. 


Kate Spade Fall 2015

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