FALL FRENZY for her-Waisted

Sweets!! I missed you! Well here we go on to a new season. Shopping will become a little more normal as Summer comes to an end. Fall fashion should be fully stocked and ready for the upcoming Labor Day sales. As always I’m here to make sure you have all of the essentials for the season. This month is dedicated to FALL trends for him & her! 

Isabel Marant Fall 2015

First up, HIGHWAIST PANTS! HW’s are a must have item for every woman this Fall. Deviate from denim fabrication and purchase a twill or cord. You don’t have to be model thin to rock a pair of HWs, just be mindful of where the height of the waist hits you. Make sure the fit of the overall pant compliments your bod! If you choose wisely a slick pair of HWs can show off your curves in a brand new way. 

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