Fantasia’s New Look

Well, well, well…Mrs. Fantasia is looking mighty fine lately! Not only is she glowing from her recent life changes, but homegirl’s style has been turned all the way up! I was so glad to hear Fantasia has teamed up with one of my favorite stylist Daniel Hawkins. Hawkins is the fashion mastermind behind former reality TV star Laura Govan’s style upgrade. He knows exactly what to put on his clients to accentuate the positive. I’m obsessed with his shoe selection, minimalistic approach to accessories, and  tailoring goodness. I can’t wait to see this R&B catipillar continue to turn into a fierce butterfly.

2016 BET AWARDS / styled by: Daniel Hawkins
2016 Hip Hop honors/ styled by: Daniel Hawkins
2016 American Idol Finale / styled by: Daniel Hawkins


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