As human beings, it’s totally natural to crave one of the most powerful emotions you could ever experience…LOVE! We often neglect or ignore the root of how and who we love. Well, Ms. Stephaine Crosley has written a book that forces the reader to dig up those roots and repair them back to wholeness; mind, body, and soul! 

“Love is not conditional; love is not dependent on another variable. Love is not tangible. I don’t think you can physically see love, but you can feel it by genuine and expressive actions. Love is feeling. Love is felt” -WITH LOVE Stephaine Crosley (pg 11) 

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Stephaine has really taken the city by storm! From an outsider’s point of view, I’ve watched her open up much needed dialogue, promote sisterhood, and even create platforms to address brokenness in our community. One of her most recent outstanding ventures is writing a self help book entitled WITH LOVE. Now when it comes to reading, ya girl has to be intrigued from the beginning of the book to continue. Well, as I turned each page of WITH LOVE, I could feel Stephaine’s heart pour out more and more. She addresses every aspect of a person’s life that affects how we love, who we love, and how we receive love. 

From childhood, to adolescence , to parenting, to relationships, to friendships, to the science behind how we think; WITH LOVE takes you there. Not only are you equipt with information about these aspects of life, but Stephaine also shares her personal struggles with love and acceptance. SO AWESOME! As the reader, you get a chance to relate to Stephaine in a really transparent way. To add to the experience, each section of the book provokes thought by instructing you to reflect and engage. 

One of my favorite parts of the book is the stages of healing from brokenness. It is so important to take the time needed to get back on track and I appreciate that the book addresses this process! WITH LOVE will slowly rip the bandaid off your hurts and honestly nurse them back to health. In a world filled with hurting people needing love, Stephaine has unlocked the door to change! It’s amazing how God uses our experiences to inspire others. PERFECTION! That’s all I’m giving away, so get your copy today and let the healing begin! 

“Owning our own truths can hurt because no one wants to see themselves as less than good enough, but it is when we confront our truths that we allow ourselves to be free.” WITH LOVE Stephaine Crosley (pg 24) 

Photo from stephcrosley.com

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