Purposeful Thoughts

PURPOSE- The reason for which something exist or is done, made, used etc…-dictionary.com

I personally have been searching for purpose for the second half of this year. What once worked in my life didn’t anymore and I had to change it up! As I hung in the balance of making intentional decisions, I found myself lost and insecure. These feelings led to not even caring about what God’s best looked like for me. As I aligned myself with walking towards purpose, I felt a huge load lift off of my shoulders! I gained a new confidence, trust, and hope that all that I am is enough and needed. HALLELUJAH!! Since, numerous opportunities have crossed my path to push me closer to my MANTRA! 

CEO Marrika Rodgers/ Under My Wings/ HOST Tokara Whitmore/ Photo by: Carl Chopp & Mimi Yang

Two months ago I volunteered at a great event created by Marrika Rodgers the CEO/Founder of Evisioning the Future Inc. a nonprofit hub of resources designed to empower men, women, and youth by providing services that build character, promote social justice, and break limitations that impact the family unit. Their services include, 1) Awareness / Education , 2) Advocacy / Community Engagement and 3) Empowerment Workshops / Conferences. The sole purpose is to help cultivate a community where lives are being impacted and transferred through empowerment, education, and community engagement. The event was so conveniently entitled “Covered in Purpose”, ironic right? It featured a dope kingdom focused fashion show and brought some much needed awareness to human sex trafficking. As I sat in anticipation to hear about an issue destroying our young women, little did I know purpose would be the root of each conversation. 

First, there was a panel discussion that was formatted as a conversation between the young ladies of Under My Wing Inc.  and three powerful women; Vivian Watson (motivational speaker), Kristin Alexander (CEO/Founder of Bustani), Beverley Besha Moore (CEO/Founder of Safe Haven Family Network, LLC) living and striving in their purpose. To close it out, guest speaker Chandra Cooper CEO/Founder of Grateful Girls Inc. shared her amazing journey to purpose. After the event I had a “lightbulb moment”. As women if we are not aligned with purpose it is so easy to loose control emotionally. For my fellas, you may feel inadequate or not needed. Often times purpose connects to what your passions are. So it makes sense! If you are not doing what your passionate about you are cheating yourself of operating in the fullness of who you are. HMMMM! 

Crown Collection
BBB-Big, Beautiful & Blessed / Photo by: Carl Chopp and Mimi Yang

As we enter 2017 consider joining me on the exciting journey to purpose. You owe it to yourself to be whole, happy, and free to be you! YOU ARE ENOUGH!! 

Purpose is something you would do without receiving a paycheck. A wise woman once stated, the issues that bother you the most are the ones you were created to change and is directly connected to your purpose.”-Marrika Rodgers CEO/Founder of ETF 

To find more info about Envisioning the Future: 

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Twitter: @FutureEnvision 

Email: eqnvisioningthefuture@gmail.com


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