Real Moment: A 30 somethings wardrobe 

Hi sweets! I need to get something off my chest! As I get deeper and deeper into my 30s I’ve realized I just can’t wear certain things anymore. Why though? Why must I adjust what I wear just so people take me seriously!? Growing up I always marched to the beat of my own drum. I wore what I thought was cool, which sometimes went totally against the grain of what was popular. As an adult with that same mentality, it is hard to be mindful of my wardrobe. It’s taking me a while to come around on this topic. Don’t get it twisted, I haven’t thrown out my ripped jeans and cropped tops just because I’m 32. On the contrary, I have decided to incorporate different pieces that make my favorites look a little more mature. Ladies, here are a few tips I’ve learned as I ease my way from a YOUNG woman’s wardrobe, to a GROWN woman’s wardrobe!

1. Skin still in! Dont think you have to wear skirts to the floor or stick to a turtle neckline. If you love your legs like I love mine, show them! Just be mindful of how much. Quality v.s. Quantity 

2. Proportion, proportion! Wearing a mini skirt and tube top is a great example of bad proportion. Too much going on at one time ! Try a midi length skirt with a back slit to accompany your tube top. 

3. Quality is important! Shopping on a budget is important, but do not compromise quality at this age. The goal is to keep pieces a little longer than just for a night. 

4. Ease up a bit! Don’t stress! Building a grown up wardrobe takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Dedicate time to map out what is needed based on your lifestyle and start building, piece by piece. 

5. Stay true to self! Don’t loose your personal style. If you are more a t-shirt and sweats girl at heart, that’s OK. Invest in some cute quality loungewear sets that are comfy, but can still be worn in public. 


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