Yara Shahidi: Young & Awake

Hello Sweets! Since this week is all about making you realize the world is yours, I had to choose a muse that exemplified this in their own life! At the tender age of 16 Yara Shahidi has taken ownership of her world. This young beauty has been in the spotlight since she was 6 weeks old. As a child, she’s been featured in various print ads, commercials, and since went on to act in major movies and TV shows. Currently, Yara is apart of the amazing cast of Black-ish, a show that deals with the inuendos of being an affluent African American family living in suburban culture. Yara plays the clever teenage daughter (Zoey Johnson) that cares more about her social media handles than the world around her. What a total 360 from the teenager off set. 
Off set Yara is a philanthropic game changer. I am so amazed by the self-awareness and knowledge demonstrated by this GEN Z powerhouse. Earlier this year she spoke on social change at the Points of Light awards ceremony. I included her amazing speech below. Provoking change amongst her peers and dealing with the sometimes detrimental issues teens face are just a couple of her passions. Yara also shows off her level of maturity through her style. Her print selections and quirky tailored separates, makes me love her even more! AWAKE is the world that describes Ms. Shahidi because she understands the importance of being the change you want to see. Her level of influence is needed to lead the “up next” generation. Guess what?! Your level of influence is also needed! What are you doing to reach back? What are you doing to BE THE CHANGE?! 



Yara’s Points of Light Speech

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