Choosing the right type of yellow is all about knowing your undertone, which is the coloration that lies underneath the skin. Undertones can be categorized three different ways; cool, warm, or neutral. Here are a couple ways to pinpoint what undertone bucket you fall in:

1. What color looks best on you? If it’s blue and white than you have a cool undertone. If you look best in orange, red, or yellow like me, you have a warm undertone. God bless my neutral tone females because everything looks good on you! 

2. The color of your veins can also determine your undertone. Blue veins equal a cool undertone, and green veins equal a warm undertone. If you have blue and green veins you fall into that neutral category.

This guide will come in handy as you play with color this Spring. Have fun finding YOUR YELLOW! 

Warm- marigolds, canary, chartreuse, amber

Cool-light yellow, beige 


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